Class Styles

No matter your age, we have a class for you!


Slow sequence yoga class that is easy to follow and leaves you feeling relaxed and loose. Ideal for: Complete beginners, those recovering from injuries, or those wanting to focus on meditation.


A faster paced, pilates-inspired class designed to strengthen muscles while increasing flexibility. Ideal for: Confident beginners and experienced students looking for aerobic exercise in addition to mindfulness practice.


Classes designed to release tight muscles from sitting at a computer all day, while relieving stress and providing relaxation.

Private Yoga

A 60-minute yoga class tailored to your level from the comfort of your home, while traveling, or anywhere you are connected to wifi.


Dynamic classes for teenagers 13-19 to help strengthen muscles and body awareness while adding movement to life and providing tools to sort through emotional life changes.


Energetic classes for children ages 9-12 that increase flexibility through movement, and introspection with mindfulness exercises.


Creative classes for children ages 5-8 that use songs and games to teach yoga poses and controlled body movements while giving bases for mindfulness exercises.


Stimulating classes for ages 2-4 that use stories and songs to teach yoga poses and controlled movements while also teaching awareness of breath and mindfulness. 

Mommy & Me

Bonding classes for moms with their babies to bring movement and flexibility back into their lives.

Prenatal (coming soon!)

Yoga for every trimester to strengthen muscles and retain flexibility for healthier labor and increasing courage and self-love.