Why tryoga?

trYoga blends traditional yoga practices with freestyle flows and pilates inspired moves.

Class styles:

Classes are taught in English and Hebrew.

What should I know before my first class?

Yoga classes involve a lot of movement. It’s important to come hydrated, so bring a water bottle! 

It is recommended to have a light meal 30-60 minutes before the class. Save the heavy meal for after the practice. 

Come wearing comfortable clothing that allows a full range of motion but is not too loose. 

Yoga is practiced in bare feet to assist with balance and avoid slips and falls.

Where are you located?

trYoga studio is located in Giv’at Shmuel, Israel.

trYoga mobile studio travels all over Central Israel to teach classes.

What are the class prices?

Click here to see our affordable class prices. 

Do class cards expire?

Class card expiration policies are subject to change. However, the policy in place when the card was purchase will be honored. Please refer to our prices page for more information on expiration dates.

Do I need to reserve a spot in the class?

Drop-ins are always welcome! Space is limited, however, so reserving a spot is suggested. 

Cancellation policy: As there is limited space, cancellations within 24 hours of the class will not be refunded.

Any other questions?

Send us a message and we’ll respond within 24 hours.